Dressing for Date Night

Ahhh Valentines Day. Whatever you're feeling is for this day, it will most certainly be celebrated in some way with your loved one. And if you are like me, it’s one more night that I can’t get a sitter, nor do I want to fight for reservations the day before and stress. SO! I love the idea of a Valentine's Day lunch, or pre-or post Valentine's Day date, like Valentine's Day Eve. And on these nights, the restaurants are probably happier to see you, the service is probably better, and you and your other are probably proud to outsmart the rest of the city. But still, it is a date night. And the question of what to wear, especially given that Valentine's Day is involved, can cause an outfit meltdown, or an outfit crisis as my friends like to call it. Rather than stress, just choose between one of these three looks: casual, dressy, and sexy.