Ron's Resolution

New Years' resolutions tend to make me reflect on the previous year, which helps me make the year ahead better.  I look back on my past hair cuts, my fashion disasters and the ‘must have’ purchases that were made in hopes to help me be, at the very least, in the present fashion trend.  I admit, being someone in the fashion world, I feel you truly need to be ahead of any trend if you want to be noticed and I have spent many years honing my own style in many different areas of my life.  For this reason, style has and will always be one of my top three resolutions that I constantly try and improve on year after year. 

But this year, my number one 2014 New Years resolution is to make my relationships and friendships stronger than they have ever been.  I want to put more effort into my friendships and show my friends how grateful I am to have them in my life.  Having many different facets to my life (food, fashion and design to name a few) I feel extremely lucky that my friends have been there for me through thick and thin by believing in me and my choices. I can't thank them enough for this endless support! - Of course this doesn't mean that if they don't approve of something I'm wearing that they should let me out of the house in it haha. 

Here are my favorite trends for both men and women for 2014: