It's Time to Edit (your closet that is)

Everyone always asks us what it is we do exactly. Well, since January is the perfect time to revamp and revitalize not only your wardrobe but your life, then we are here to help you accomplish 1 out of 2 of those things. This is our month to walk you through our 4 step process: Edit Organize Shop and Style and to give you a lot of great tips along the way.

 So let’s begin today with Step 1: EDIT

There's only one way to begin this process and that's to start with the editing process.  To do this, begin by pulling out all of the pieces that you never wear (this typically means anything that you have not worn in 6 mos. to a year that isn't because of what season it is). 

Step 2: From there it's time to organize by figuring out why you aren’t wearing those pieces. Is it because, A: they are outdated? B: they no longer fit? C:  you don’t know what to wear them with? D: they have holes/are worn out E: you just don’t like them anymore, (it’s usually ALWAYS one of these 5 reasons.)

Step 3: Create 4 piles; Hang It, Toss It, Donate It and Alter It.

For example, if the piece is outdated or you just can’t stand it anymore then donate it.  If it has holes then it's time to toss it.  If the piece no longer fits you then decide if it can be altered and take it to a good tailor to tweak it and give it new life.  

If you don’t know what to wear it with but you like it, then set it aside until after you have completely edited and organized your closet and then you will begin to see how to mix and match your pieces.  If you can find pieces that will work with it then hang it up, otherwise it's time to donate.

Step 4: Once you have created your piles, then you will begin to put the Hang It pile back in the closet. As you do that, the final step of the edit process is to figure out what it is you are missing for the season.  For instance, here are some of our essentials for when Spring arrives:

Lastly, see below for an easy to follow and fun diagram to help keep your closet clean and organized all year long!