Styling Winter

The number one key to styling looks is to think of your pieces in different ways, building upon what you already have by mixing and matching pieces that you never thought to combine before.  Of course, this is not always the easiest thing to do and that's where we come in - to be your third eye.

It’s important to also remember that if you have a well-edited and organized closet (like we've explained how to do this month) and you have the key staple pieces in your closet, you can easily build upon them to find new ways to style more looks. Also remember that if you have the right staples, many of them can carry over from season to season, you can layer them accordingly as well as mix up the old and new pieces throughout your wardrobe. 

So for today’s post on styling, the final step of what many clients call our life-changing process, I’ve decided to give you a taste and sampling of mixing certain pieces that can be worn throughout the year in ways you wouldn’t normally think of. I want to show you that by having the right core pieces, there are an infinite number of new look possibilities right at your fashion fingertips.  For now, as most of us seem to be dealing with