Time to Shop

Now that we've cleared out the clutter thanks to some much needed editing and organized the items that are left in our closets, it's time for the fun part - shopping!  When it comes to restocking your wardrobe, this is the time to play it smart and create a list that will be on-going throughout the year so you can keep track of what you need and what you have as each season approaches.  

To help you start this somewhat tedious task, begin by dividing it up per season and write down only those key/staple pieces that will be able to seamlessly translate from one season to the next and what you'll wear repeatedly throughout the year in multiple ensembles.  By dividing and conquering in this matter, you'll be able to be more aware as to what you absolutely need in your wardrobe at all times, (what we might call "investment pieces") and from there can start to add in those statement pieces - choices based on what's on trend - to make your staples look new each and everytime you don to wear them.  

Below are our favorite staples for all four seasons.  Feel free to hover over the images to shop our choices and take inspiration from these layouts to start your own list for a successful re-stocking of your closet!